Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fuck You and Your Knicks Tickets

I bought Knicks tickets for your birthday, hoping to surprise you with this whole shpeel of meeting me after work, going out to a fake "dinner", and BAM Knicks game!

But I didn't realize it was a Saturday... Especially when you started talking about going out the Saturday before to a club. Maybe you wanted to do something that Saturday? Maybe you wanted to make plans? So I caved and I told you.

Granted, I was very dissapointed in myself. So I started out with... I'm sorry... I can resell them... We can do something more fun... I don't even remember what team they are playing... I feel bad. And you stood there... outside the laundry smoking a cigarette... You stood there.

Told me my idea was stupid and basically just acted like it was nothing. NOT EVEN A THANK YOU? Or "it's okay babe. it's the thought that counts"... Okay. Fuck you and your tickets then.

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